Corrections Committee

Our purpose is to carry the AA message to alcoholics in correctional systems through the activities of AA members, groups and committees. We do this by assisting individuals, groups and districts in carrying the AA message to alcoholics confined in correctional facilities, recently released from jail, or participating in a correctional program. The committee has been focusing on information which will go up on this web site, which will include institutional meeting lists and information on the Pre-Release Program. Federal clearance forms are available from the Corrections Committee Chair.

The corrections chair is also responsible for ensuring an Area 79 presence at two semi-annual, weeklong John Howard Society Information Fairs in the Pacific Region, in April and September. The corrections committee provides AA literature to ‘inside’ AA groups and encourages ‘outside’ AA members to assist in this project, either by donating new or used AA literature or by contributing to its purchase through donations to “Pink Can” program(s), locally or at AA events.


The Corrections Committee Chair is an appointed position on the General Service Committee. For more information about the duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson, please see the following Job Description.

To contact the Corrections Committee Chair, e-mail:


For anyone interested in learning more about carrying the message inside the walls of Federal Correctional Facilities in Area 79, visit the Corrections area of A.A.'s World Services Website (

For information from Corrections Services Canada, visit the Volunteer pages on the Corrections Services Website (

The Pre-Release Contact Program Information pamphlet, a pdf document available for download, provides information about this program to interested A.A. Volunteers, and to Professionals and Correctional Facilities Administrators. The purpose of the program is to connect the inside A.A. member with an A.A. member on the outside, in the community in which they will be residing following their release.