Website Committee


The purposes of the Area 79 website are:

  1. To provide A.A. members, the still suffering alcoholic and the general public with:
    1. general information about Area 79 BC/Yukon;
    2. general information about Alcoholics Anonymous.
  2. To provide A.A. members with information about General Service in Area 79.
  3. To provide storage of and appropriate access to Area 79 materials such as minutes, reports, workshops, archival information, shared experience, Grassroots, etc.
  4. To provide contact information for our trusted servants involved in General Service in Area 79.
  5. To serve as a communication tool for those involved in General Service within Area 79 by providing information about current Area service activities and business. When appropriate, information will be located on a secure, password-protected section of the website.


The Website Committee Chair is an appointed position on the General Service Committee. For more information about the duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson, please see the following Job Description.

To contact the Website Committee Chairperson, please e‑mail:


The web team carries out routine maintenance of the website and implements the changes and additions requested by the Website Committee. Web Volunteer members of the web team are appointed by the Website Chair and ratified by the G.S.C.
For more information about the development of the BC/Yukon Website, and the duties and responsibilities of the web team, please see the following Outline of Responsibilities.

To contact the Web Team, please e‑mail:


The following resources are available on A.A.'s World Services Website (

  • Understanding Anonymity Pamphlet (P-47), [pdf, 20 pages]
    Includes discussions of anonymity at the personal and public levels, and anonymity in the digital age.

  • A.A. Guidelines on the Internet (MG-18), [pdf, 4 pages]
    Guidelines for Website Committees, compiled from the shared experience of A.A. Website Committees and A.A. members in various service areas who have been involved with setting up and maintaining A.A. websites.

  • The Twelve Traditions (Short Form), [pdf, 1 page]
    Service Material from the General Service Office.
  • The Twelve Concepts (Short Form), [pdf, 2 pages]
    Service Material from the General Service Office.

The following links are to information pieces available elsewhere on the BC/Yukon Website: