How to apply for appointed positions:

We encourage everyone who is interested in an appointed position  on the Area 79 General Service Committee to submit a brief resume. The following positions are appointed by the incoming Chair through a Selection Committee made up of the incoming Chair and 3 other elected GSC members. See below for links to job descriptions.

Additionally - Grassroots Committee Chair: Responsible for the Area Newsletter (Grassroots Forum) and leads the committee responsible for the format, content and distribution of this quarterly publication. Motion passed in October 2016 reads....

“The Area 79 chair will be free to assign Grassroots, or any other standing committee, as an additional responsibility to any member of the GSC, based on committee workloads and GSC members’ skills”.

Please note; if you are planning on applying for an appointed position, please be aware of the following:

  1. Communications between members of the Area Committee are  generally via email and therefore it is essential to have  access to electronic communications in order to be  considered for a position. 
  2. The transitional General SC meeting held on the first  Wednesday of December, (after the election assembly) is mandatory as are all monthly GSC meetings of the 2-year rotation.
  3. The time commitment required is substantial and will vary from position to position, and also with the particular skills possessed by the member. Generally, some time will be spent every day to check and respond to emails and phone messages. Some jobs have workloads that are heavier at certain times than at others.
  4. We encourage you to speak with members of the GSC (current or past) to ask more specific questions if you are considering applying for an appointed position.
  5. General Service Committee membership may sound demanding, but, as we so often find in A.A., the rewards are far greater than time and effort put in.
  6. For more information please read “duties common to all” on the job description page.

How to apply for appointed positions:

  1. Email your resume using the Service Resume form to
  2. You will receive an immediate confirmation of receipt of  your application and a response from the Area 79 Chair  within 48 hours.
  3. If you don’t receive confirmation or a response please  contact the Chair at:
  4. Resumes must be received at by  October 31st to be considered.  When sending your resume, you can include additional information that may help the Selection Committee.
  5. Resumes are reviewed by the Selection Committee the evening of the first Tuesday of November. The Chair will call you that evening with the results. Please be sure that you are contactable by telephone.
  6. Successful applicants will be required to attend a transition meeting held the first Wednesday of December at the BC Yukon Area office in Vancouver (travel expenses are covered by Area 79).
  7. Successful applicants will be ratified at the January  Quarterly. At that time, they will present their resumes  (2 minutes maximum) to the fellowship. 

The following Standing Committees Chair  positions are available for appointment: View Job Descriptions

If you have any questions please  contact the Chair at:

To submit a resume to please download, fill out and email your service resume to:

Download Sample GSC Resume (pdf)

Download GSC Resume (docx)