About Area 79

The BC/Yukon Delegate Area 79 includes the Yukon Territory, most of British Columbia and one small section of Washington. At 1,431,250 square kilometres, it is the second largest Delegate Area in Canada/USA. Area 79 includes Districts that are of equal size to the states of Mississippi and Maryland combined, not to mention Districts that are as big as the third-largest state in the US, smaller only than Texas and Alaska. From the southernmost tip of British Columbia to the northernmost tip of the Yukon Territory is a staggering 2,540km/1,587 mi.

A trip from Vancouver to Prince Rupert is just under 1/4 the length of Area 79 geographically (789km/493 mi.). However, actual road travel comes in at twice this length due to navigating around vast mountain ranges, rivers and lakes. This extends the trip to approximately 20 hours and 1,516km/947 mi., the equivalent of Vancouver to San Francisco. BC/Yukon has many Districts and groups that are only serviceable by ferry, small plane, boat or even snowmobile.

The members of Alcoholics Anonymous are represented in this Area by over 800 groups in 48 Districts. The groups in each District elect a District Committee Member (DCM) to be their representative on the Area Committee. The General Service Committee (GSC) has 14 members who also sit on the Area Committee, and who serve as Area Officers. In addition, there are 12 Standing Committees, each chaired by a member of the GSC, that report to the Area Committee.

The BC/Yukon Area Committee meets 4 times annually, at Quarterlies and Assemblies. A schedule of Area Meetings is posted under the Events / Quarterlies and Assemblies, elsewhere on the website, along with a detailed meeting information and agenda package for the upcoming meeting.

More Information

More detailed information about the Area 79 Service Structure, the Area Officers and Standing Committees may be accessed through the sub-menu navigation on the left. For further information on the A.A. Service Structure, visit the: A.A. World Services Website.

Information about the Area's Archives - archives documents, history collection forms and volunteer opportunities, is availble on the Area 79 Archives pages. Some useful information for Area 79 GSRs and DCMs, and other interested members, is provided on the Reference and Service Materials page.