Area 79 Archives

Mission Statement

Pursuant to AA's primary purpose of maintaining our sobriety and helping other Alcoholics to achieve sobriety, the archives of Alcoholics Anonymous adopts the following mission statement: “To receive, classify and index all related material, including but not limited to administrative files, records, correspondence, literary, and artifactual works considered to have historical import to Alcoholics Anonymous. To hold and preserve such material, making access possible, as determined by the present archivist in consultation with the archives committee, to members of Alcoholics Anonymous and those of the public who may have a valid need to review said material, such access to be provided only during business hours and with a mindful view toward the anonymity of our members.”

The Archives repository welcomes visitors. As the Archives does not keep regular office hours, visits are by appointment only.

For more information email Area 79 Archives Committee Chair

Documents for collecting history

The following history collection documents are available here:


The Area 79 Archivist is a volunteer, support position serving the Area Committee. For more information about the Archivist's duties and responsibilities, please see the following Job Description .