Area 79 BC/Yukon has developed a variety of forms for use by members. This page provides links to all of those forms. Just click on the appropriate section below, then on the needed form in the dropdown menu.

PDF forms can be downloaded, filled out and mailed or emailed to the Area 79 registrar. Submittables can be filled out online and sent directly to the registrar.

For those wishing to submit their resumes for either an elected or appointed position on the Area 79 General Service Committee, please download the suggested service resume form Service Resume . The link will reroute you to our elections section of our website. The use of the resume form is not mandatory for either elected positions or appointed positions. However, its use does assist both the candidate and the Fellowship in several ways. These include the provision of consistent information in an organized way and assisting candidates in adhering to time limits for presentation of resumes.

To let your name stand for an elected position please see: Elections Page