The Area 79 Committee

Perhaps more than any other group of people in A.A., the Area Committee is responsible for the health of the Conference structure and thus for growth and harmony in the A.A. Fellowship. If G.S.R.s are lax, if there is a lack of harmony in a district, if there are difficulties in public information or some other service area, the committee member knows it and can turn to the full committee for help.

An active Area Committee deals with all kinds of service problems: Is experience being shared among groups? Is the A.A. message getting into hospitals, prisons, jails, and rehabilitation centers? Are news media and professionals who deal with suffering alcoholics well informed about A.A.? Are new groups and Loners being visited and helped? (Chapter 5 of the Service Manual)


The Area 79 Committee is made up of the 48 District Committee Members (DCMs) in the Area, or their alternates, plus the 14 members of the General Service Committee (GSC). All members of the Area Committee are eligible to vote at Area Meetings (Quarterlies and Assemblies).

The General Service Committee

The GSC reports to, and takes direction from, the full Area 79 Committee. It has 14 members, consisting of 7 elected Area Officers and 7 appointed Officers, who sit as chairs of designated Area Standing Committees. GSC members serve two-year terms in keeping with the Conference Panel rotation.

Elected Members: Seven Area Officers are elected, in even numbered years, at the October meeting of the full Area Committee (the Election Assembly). They are:

Further information about each of these positions, contact information and a job description are provided on their individual web pages, in the Elected Area Officers section of the website.

Appointed Members: 12 Area 79 Standing Committees report to the Area Committee:

Chairs of seven of these committees are appointed by the Area Chair, and ratified by the Area Committee, following the election of Area Officers (above). These appointed Area Officers are also members of the GSC and of the Area Committee. Five of the Standing Committees are chaired by designated members of the GSC.

Details of the roles and of responsibilities of each of the of the Standing Committees, as well as contact information and a job description for the chairperson, are available on the individual committee pages, in the Standing Committees section of the website.

Support Positions: The following, non-voting appointees also serve the Area Committee:

  • Web Team Volunteers
  • Archivist

Each of these appointments are ratified by the GSC. Further information, an Outline of Responsibilities or Job Description, and contact information are available on the respective Website Committee and Area 79 Archives website pages.