Area 79 Committee Meetings

The Full Area 79 Committee:

The BC/Yukon Area Committee meets four times annually, at Quarterlies (January and July) and Assemblies (April and October), held across Area 79. Locations for these meetings are chosen, for the following year, at the April Pre-Conference Assembly. A schedule of Area Meetings is posted under the Events / Quarterlies and Assemblies tab, on this website. As the date of a meeting approaches, detailed information and the meeting agenda is posted in the meeting’s listing on the Quarterlies and Assemblies page.

Area Quarterlies are attended by all DCMs, and/or their Alternates, and the members of the GSC. Although General Service Representatives (GSRs) do not have a vote at Quarterlies, they most certainly have a voice and are also encouraged to attend.

All AA members are encouraged to attend Area Assemblies, to have a voice and become familiar with the issues being discussed. GSRs (or alternates), DCMs (or alternates) and Area Officers are eligible to vote and present motions.

All Area matters that either have an effect on the Area itself, or a direct impact on all the Groups, whether raised on the floor of an Assembly or coming out of the Area Committee process, are presented and ratified, rejected or revised by the Area Assembly. The main activities usually center around the Delegate and Area concerns, the Conference, sharing sessions and/or workshops. We become informed about what is going on by attending these meetings and discussing issues with others who are in a good position to have experience and information to share on most matters of interest. In this way, the Assemblies meet their purpose in strengthening AA as a whole by carrying our message in the best way possible for our Area.

[Please see their respective links for additional information about Area 79 Quarterlies and Assemblies .]

The General Service Committee (GSC):

The GSC normally meets on a monthly basis, usually at the Area 79 office in Vancouver or in conjunction with the Area Quarterlies and Assemblies.

The Standing Committees:

At the beginning of the 2-year term of the Area Committee, each DCM is assigned to sit on one of the area’s Standing Committees. These committees meet during each area Quarterly and Assembly; DCMs may also participate in Committee activities between meetings. GSRs who attend Quarterlies and Assemblies are assigned to committees on a random basis. Other members may normally attend the committee of their choice, except at the Pre-Conference Assembly, when all attendees are assigned to a specific committee. More detailed information about each of the committees may be found in the Standing Committees section of the website.