Elected Area Officers

Fourteen (14) Area Officers are chosen, every second year, to serve 2-year terms on the General Service Committee (GSC) . Seven of these are elected, in even numbered years, at the October Assembly of the full Area 79 Committee. Seven are appointed by the Selection Committee, following the elections, to sit as chairs of designated Area standing committees.

If you are considering letting your name stand for election at the biannual October Voting and Election Assembly, for one of the seven elected positions on the General Service Committee (GSC) the following information is important for you to know ahead of time.

It is strongly suggested that the outgoing (not the incoming) GSRs and DCMs be available to vote at the Election Assembly in order to assure a more informed election.

The seven (7) elected officers are listed below, with a brief summary of their roles:

Further information about each position, contact information and a job description are available on their individual web pages.

  1. Communications between members of the Area Committee are generally via email, and therefore it is essential to have access to electronic communications in order to be considered for a position.
  2. The transitional General Service Committee meeting held on the first Wednesday of December, (after the election assembly) is mandatory, as are all monthly GSC meetings of the 2-year rotation.
  3. The time commitment required is substantial and will vary from position to position, and also with particular skills possessed by the member. Generally, some time will need to be spent every day checking and responding to emails and phone messages. Some positions have workloads that are heavier at certain times than at others.
  4. We encourage you to speak with members of the GSC (current or past) to ask more specific questions if you are considering letting your name stand for an elected position.
  5. General Service Committee membership may sound demanding but, as we so often find in A.A, the rewards are far greater than the time and effort put in.
  6. Everyone who is interested in an elected position on the Area 79 General Service Committee must (see sample resume attached) prepare a brief resume of your past and current AA activities. You will be asked to stand at the microphone to read your resume. “2 minute maximum”
  7. For more information please read “duties common to all” on the job description page.

If you have any questions please contact the chair@bcyukonaa.org

Download Sample GSC Resume (pdf, 1 page)

Download GSC Resume (Word) (docx, 1 page)

Download GSC Resume (pdf, 1 page)
For those wishing to submit their resumes or who are intending to stand for election at the October Voting Assembly, the use of the attached resume form is not mandatory for either elected positions or appointed positions. However, its use does assist both the candidate and the Fellowship in several ways. These include the provision of consistent information in an organized way and assisting candidates in adhering to time limits for presentation of resumes.