Area Meeting Agenda

The BC/Yukon Area Committee meets four times annually, at Quarterlies (January and July) and Assemblies (April and October), across Area 79. A schedule of these meetings is posted under the Events / Quarterlies and Assemblies tab, on this website.

As the date of a Quarterly or Assembly approaches, detailed information and the meeting agenda will be made available in the listing for the event. Please check the Quarterlies and Assemblies page for the agenda to upcoming Area Meetings.

April Pre-Conference Assembly - Conference Background Materials

One of the main purposes of the Pre-Conference Assembly is to discuss the items on the agenda of the General Service Conference, held in New York in April/May, and to provide our Delegate with an informed conscience to guide him/her at the Conference. In order to aid this process, background information to the Conference Agenda items is distributed to each A.A. Group's General Service Representative, and to District Committee Members, during February/March so that groups may provide their input to these discussions.

The Conference Background Materials are made available, for viewing or download to all Area 79 Trusted Servants (GSR's and DCM's) with a registered login ID and password. If you don't see a link to access the Delegate's Conference Page (below) you need to be logged into this website.

If you don't know your login information please contact your DCM to request a login ID and password.