Grassroots Forum

The BC/Yukon Area 79 Newsletter

Statement of Purpose:

"The Grassroots Forum is a newsletter by and for the members of Alcoholics Anonymous in BC/Yukon Area 79. It is compiled and edited by the Grassroots Chairperson with the assistance and input of the Grassroots Committee. This newsletter is a vehicle for communication within Area 79 with the aim of strengthening unity and participation. Grassroots is also the means of distribution of the minutes, financial statements and all reports from our Area Quarterlies and Assemblies. It is the aim of the Grassroots Forum to fulfill its purpose with the greatest possible consideration of fiscal prudence and to practice AA principles in all of its affairs."

Grassroots Forum Future?

At the January 2019 Quarterly in Chilliwack, there was a great deal of discussion about how well Grassroots is meeting its twofold purpose — to inform, and to distribute minutes and reports. It was the feeling of the 28 people in the Grassroots Committee meeting that it is not doing either effectively. Concerns expressed were that the current 48-page format is not user-friendly and is not being read. They suggested we survey the Fellowship about alternatives.

Attached you will find a mockup of a Highlights newsletter that is proposed as an alternative to publishing Grassroots. It is proposed that all the minutes, financial statements, district reports, GSC reports, Ask-It Basket questions and answers be placed on the web in a password protected format, that Grassroots no longer be printed in the 48-page format.

Highlights of the January 2019 Grassroots Newsletter

Membership survey on the future of Grassroots.


Grassroots is published quarterly by the BC/Yukon Area 79 Service Committee, following each Area Quarterly or Assembly. It carries news and information about groups and committees, minutes and financial statements from the Quarterlies and Assemblies, and reprinted material from AA literature, such as Box 459 and the AA Grapevine. It is distributed to the Fellowship in the following ways:

Download Grassroots:

Click on the links below to either download the current issue of Grassroots Forum to your computer, as a pdf document, or to go to an archive page from where past issues of the newsletter may be accessed. These copies of Grassroots are password protected; the password needed to open and read them should be available from your group's GSR or your local District Committee Member (DCM). A.A. members wanting to view Grassroots online, who are unable to obtain the password through their group or district, may contact the Area 79 Grassroots Committee Chair by email.